Admiral Shin and Hiroki Island

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Mainland of Hiroki islandKeisuke, a young man, his jet black hair and black cougar pelt coat acting as a contrast to his pure white pants, his well muscled chest acting as a trophy to all his working out, a slowly walks towards the town temple, a rather large structure made of stone, it towers above the surrounding wooden huts, and the elegant craftsmanship depicts that of the history of the village’s people. His mind acting as a lead weight, full of thoughts and concern of what is happening to his fellow villagers,, “Is this the wrath of Gaia?” he wonders,, “What have we done wrong?”.

As he arrives at the temple entrance, the large bell on its roof begins to chime, it chimes 3 times. After taking in the bell, he walks in and, with a sudden and unpredicted burst of rage, yells, “HIGH PRIEST MASAO”, with this the a silence befalls throughout the temple.

The large temple, filled with various ornaments and arches, suddenly seems to freeze.

With his temporary rage over, he continues with as much respect as he knows, “I request talk to you, oh earthly priest”,“ah, chief Keisuke. What is it?” replies a calm voice that seems to emanate from all around,, “what is your trouble?”“You know what the trouble is priest Masao” Keisuke replies, angered“Ah, the recent plague that is spreading throughout our village, the curse from Gaia” priest masao replies,, “those who are loyal to the earth-mother have nothing to fear”“Idiot, 3 of your priests have already fallen victim to it. Please, talk to Gaia, and reveal what her desire is” Keisuke pleads.

“Communication with Gaia has already occurred”Seisuke, confused replies,, “wha… what does she want?”“A sacrifice, of which shall occur at dusk” masao states, in a matter of fact fashion,