Advantages and disadvantages of Internet

Essay by Idreamofyou January 2007

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In the 21st century, people live better and more happily than ever with modern advanced mass media such as computer, television, radio... Along with them, the Internet, which provides various information and services, has emerged. It plays an important part in our life as a means of communication and endless sources of information. however, it cannot be denied that the Internet is bringing our children dangerous influence which will affects their growth.My essay's aim is to discuss both two aspects of the Internet.

The Internet consists of millions of individual domestic, academic, business and government networks and services. This explains the diversity of our using it to many fields in the life. For example, a person need find some news about the world today, the only thing he has to do is sitting in front of the screen and updating anything he wants. The Internet completely satisfies our desires of knowledge with its great flexibily and location.

Moreover, online chat is a good chance to get closer to people all around world, who come from different nationalities and walks of life.

On the other hand, the Internet causes some bad effects, even dangerous effects on children if parents don't control their use of the information from the web. Seeing and hearing about the violence and sex, some children are to become confused and frightened, the others are just interested in figuring out the meaning of what they saw, try to bring this content into their play where they can work out their ideas and feelings. It is very, very perilous and surely exerts negative side influence on children's thoughts and behaviours.

In conclusion, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Internet is no exception. therefore, it is my strong recommendation that parents, who are wiser and...