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Millie Luo


RW3, Spring2

Attitudes of Chinese culture

In the dictionary the defines of "culture" as "the behavior and beliefs characteristics of a particular social. In the society, I think everyone should pay attention to their own image, a lot of habit not only on their own without help, but they might also cause misunderstanding and lead to strange eyes. I'm from China, I think for Chinese people there have some different culture attitudes I want to talk about.

First is China's education system is too rigid. An increasing number of Chinese students are complaining that the overly rigid education system in the country doesn't give them any opportunities to express themselves or their creativity. Many are also struggling with bearing increasing social pressure, brought about by competition to achieve the best scores and graduate with the highest grades in the school. According to the People's Daily Online, both Chinese parents and teachers have escalating expectations of their students - so much that many families now send their students to school to prepare for schools so they "will not lose at the starting line."

Meanwhile, how children can deal with that kind of pressure is consistently ignored, explains Zheng Zhun, a professor at the School of Educational Science at South China Normal University.

Second is Chinese people inattention to keep distance with other, don't respect other people's habits. In China, many students like to sublet housing with others, or together with other families in combination living room, kitchen with their parents. Chinese people's habits is "better than distant neighbors", but some people think, it does not mean you can live close involvement of others personal space. Some Chinese students to a rented house as a real home for their own, ask friends come to play, make the noisy.