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In our days, both parents work and to compensate the time that they are not with their children, they spend more and more money with them. Seeing this, advertisers direct their marketing to children, using cartoon characters and the use of kids' names, like "Just for Kids." Children having more commercials related with things that they like and because of their innocence, not comprehending the real

purpose of commercials, they use their complain techniques to make their parents buy those products that they want. Advertisers also think in the future, they also use these cartoon characters, so in the future does children, future adults, could relate their products with their childhood memories, for example, the Joe Camel cigars.

With so much advertising directed to children, advertisers do not only have the ambition of making children implorers of their products. Advertisers also want to give reasons to ask for their product, so it could make it easier to children convince their parents to buy those same products.

This kind of advertising could have negative aspects, but in the other hand it also could have its positive aspects.

First of all the use of cartoons characters in advertising could not be so good for children because it could lean them to do things not proper to their age, for example, smoking Camel cigars and drinking Budweiser. It also could turn them in persistent beggars of toys and like that their parents will have more pressure because if they don't buy what they want, they could use bad attitudes, or example, refuse to leave the store or display in public places bad temper.

In the other hand, that kind of advertising could be also used for good. They could use it with universal values such as patriotism, anti drugs acts, explain to them...