Advertising Industry

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After a considerable improvement in technology, unlimited desire of people and world conditions gave new shape to the business world. Due to this a new order and new conditions have been rising in the business world such as competition between companies, companies using every possible tool or method against their rival. Advertising is one of their most important tools to use against their competitors. This high demand of advertising the increased price of the advertisements; nowadays a lot of companies are investing a huge amount of money into advertising .The aim of this paper is to focus on the importance of advertising industry, show the improvement process of advertising industry and does is it really worth to investing in advertisement industry.


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Advertising Industry

1. Background

Advertising began in the Christian era. Outdoor signs were used for adverting.

Attractive advertisements were painted on walls.

However advertising became more innovative and in 1440's an invention of a movable-type of advertising which was a printing press was introduced. In the 16th century a few companies used trademarks which were either of single or double dimensions (Tungate p 24).

When advertising become a well known trend in the business world it was extremely costly to advertise nationwide for countries which were underdeveloped at that time apart from this there was little means of transport. In that time period even communication was extremely limited. Finally particular of kind of manufactures came up with the notion of bypass wholesalers, vendors and making use of catalogs. Advertising was getting more and more innovative and thus in 1870 Mail orders and pamphlets were introduced as an important method of advertising (Dahl p12).

By the end of the nineteenth century the...