Role of Advertising and its impact on society.

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For some years some subtle changes in the practice of advertising have been reshaping the society people live in. The force of advertising reaches out and touches everyone living and working in the modern world today. Advertising is claimed by its practitioners to be largely responsible for the good things in life and is criticized by its opponents as the cause of unpleasant things (Lee & Johnson, 1999). The impact of advertising on the society is a fiercely debated topic, and has been ever since the conception of advertising in its most basic form. There are negative and positive social impacts upon society from advertising in its various forms. For instance, advertising promoting public welfare has a positive social impact upon society, whereas advertising portraying women as sex objects has negative social impacts.

The purpose of this report is to discuss the role of advertising in today's society and how it impacts the society, people live in.

Therefore it is essential to discuss the fundamental role of advertising. It is also important to examine different types of advertising.

Firstly the report will provide structured definitions of advertising from various authors. Secondly, the report will discuss the history of advertising. The report will also examine the role of advertising in today's society. Most importantly the report will critically analyze the impact of advertising, which has been a matter of considerable debate and many different claims have been made in different contexts.

A basic definition of advertising is provided by (Wells, Burnett & Moriarty, 2000) where advertising is the promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, usually by an identified sponsor. Belch and Belch (2003) provide another simple definition where, advertising is a form of commercial mass communication designed to promote the sale of a product or service, or...