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In life people like to believe that happiness can be bought. Many people enjoy buying products that they really don't need. Advertising "makes beauty by using up resources " by making a thing seem better then they really are. Unmindful consumption will soon destroy our world, as we know it. If we keep on consuming at this rate their will be nothing left for others

Beauty becomes a selling point in many advertisements. The standards our set higher then most people are able to reach. The unfair standards help to sell products because people are wanting to look or feel certain way. Most of the time products just cost a lot and don't do what people want.

Cars are one of the largest users of resources. Cars pollute, are expensive and are very inefficient. Everyone has to get around but some people chose a car that cost more then some people's houses and guzzles gas.

This is all for an image that advertisers create.

Advertising makes you feel as if it is not affecting you, when you are looking at an ad or watching a commercial. People don't even notice advertising anymore. Advertising is every where you look. It is in school, on TV, on your computer and when you are walking down the street. Where will advertising stops? Will it stop when there is nothing left to advertise because all the resources are used up?

Can happiness be bought? Many people think so. Many people enjoy buying products that they really don't need. Unmindful consumption will soon destroy our world. Hopefully we can get a grip on our consumption before it is too late.