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Advice for Parents With Teenagers

For adults who have teenagers or children at any age they need to have communication. Without it parents can be missing out a lot on what is happening with their children. Even though teenagers don't really care for parents always asking them questions to understand them better, have your child know that if they do need to talk about anything, that you will be there. If they don't know that you may never know what is troubling them. Having an open communication helps each of you understand each other better. Your children can eventually be able to know that they can depend on their parents if they didn't know and frankly most kids don't know.

Now parents your little kids who would get food all over their faces have grown into mature people. Teenagers like their space. Don't let them always get what they want though.

If you don't let them have their space they get all upset and go to their room and slam the door or leave the house to see a friend. I mean I am sure you wanted your space from your parents and if you wanted them to know something you would tell them when you felt like it right? They know that for every action there is a consequence. You have taught them right haven't you? They know their morals and values they know what is right and wrong.

I know these are your children and you don't want them to get hurt like you did but they need to learn from their own mistakes. If they don't learn from their own mistakes they wont know how it feels to be in a problem and they need to learn and grow from that. It is something they have to...