Afghanistan: A Country In Crisis

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Afghanistan is a country in crisis. A country suffering from hunger, disease, and lack of funds to correct either. Afghanistan is located in central Asia and is run by an Islamic radical regime, known as the Taliban. The people of Afghanistan have been forced out of their homes an look for refuge in Pakistan and other surrounding countries. They have abandoned their farms, quit their jobs, and some, have lost their lives. Afghanistan, as a country, doesn't have the money for proper medical care and some live more than 100 miles away from the nearest hospital. Afghan refugees are starving to death, because there is not enough food for them and their families. Afghanistan is on a severe decline, and something needs to be done.

Afghanistan is located in the heart of central Asia. The outstanding geographic feature of Afghanistan is it's mountain range, the Hindu Kush. This formidable range acts as a barrier between the comparatively fertile northern provinces and the rest of the country, and it is this mountain range to which many Afghan refugees are fleeing.

The Hindu Kush and subsidiary ranges divide Afghanistan into three distinct regions. The Central Highlands, the Northern Plains, and the Southwestern Plateau. The Northern Plains region is intensely cultivated and densely populated. The Southwestern Plateau consists of high plateaus and sandy deserts. Afghanistan is a country made up of hot summers and cold winters. The temperatures may get to as high as 110 degrees in the summer, and may drop as low as five degrees in the winter. Cold winters in the Hindu Kush are cause for concern with the large number of refugees who are fleeing to the mountain range.

Many of Afghanistans refugees are fleeing into the mountains, while others have opted to escape to other countries. "This is...