African Queen

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The Story "The African Queen" takes place in the African rain forest. Rose Sayer and Charlie Allnut meet after an attack by German troops on a village. The story begins there where they first started their journey down the river. Both agreed on a adventurous trip to lake Wittelsbach where a German boat called the Konigin Luise was located. There plan was to destroy this boat for revenge on the German troops. Little did they know that this was the least of their problems. The travel down the river was far more dangerous than they had thought. They had been shot at, tossed through many treacherous rapids, faced the disease of malaria, starved, and had broken the prop of the boat a vital part of "The African Queen". But through these hard times these two have grown to love each other and face any obstacle put in there way.

And in the end they had left the lakes behind and began a new adventure with each other and planned to get married once they had reached Matadi.