Aged Care - Issues outlined and possible solutions to the aging population of Gippsland, Australia

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Gippsland's population of people over 65 years old will increase dramatically in the next 20 years. This will affect Gippsland by placing strain on age care services which will create an imbalance in the younger age groups compared with the older population. This will also affect government funds buy exhausting them. With more older people, it means that less tax is being paid, which will also make a drop in government funds to the younger generation. The population 0-19 year olds is going to decrease, meaning that service investment will be relied upon by the elderly. Something needs to be done to help this situation.

Having a huge increase in people of 65 is damaging. This increase in the elderly is going to put massive strain on the government budget because of pensions. Not all of the elderly are going to be able to support themselves through superannuation, which means that the government will have to support more elderly people, which will put a further strain on the budget.

With the government supporting more elderly and not being able to supply money else where, cuts or a rise in tax will be the result. As well as this, it is also going to put a strain on the medical services and aged care facilities, such as nursing homes, retirement villages and disabled access to buildings and car parks. This will lead to such facilities having a limited amount of staff, overworked staff and longer waiting periods to hospitals and other services. Additional funding will also be needed to be able to keep these services running, which again will create problems for the government funds. There is also a problem with relying on the younger generations tax because, while the elderly increase dramatically, the tax paying population will only increase by...