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Agency Visit

Monique Cone


December 20, 2010

Audra Stinson


Agency Visit

The first interview is with Bernadette O Keefe who is a development director with the Loaves and Fishes agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Loaves and Fishes were "founded in 1983 and are governed by directors selected by Loaves and Fishes along with the community-at-large people" (Loaves and Fishes, 2010. Par.2). Their philosophy is to feed anyone who is hungry and shelter anyone who is homeless.

Services provided and Population served

This agency has 14 programs which do not include the affiliate programs. The 14 programs include: "Advocacy, Animal Emergency Services, Daily Bread Day Labor, Dining Room, Friendship Park, Genesis, Guest Health Outreach, Jail Visitation, Library, Mary House, Mustard Seed School, Sister Nora Place, Warehouse/Procurement, and Wash House" (Loaves and Fishes, 2010. Par.3). Loaves and Fishes serve over 600-800 homeless people every day.

They feed approx. 600-800 people a day except for Thanksgiving which they celebrate the week before. They also have mental health for the homeless and a woman day shelter. They supply people with showers, feminine products and a hot breakfast. They also give homeless people vouchers for clothing and food places such as McDonalds. They also have a school for homeless children (Bernadette OKeefe, December 11, 2010).

Requirements for agency interns

Interns who are working in the school or do jail visits must have clear finger prints (Bernadette OKeefe, December 11, 2010).

General ethical dilemmas

Mrs. OKeefe believed a huge ethical dilemma that they face is protecting people at the shelter when they are working with the police. They are not allowed to release information of who stays at the shelter. Also being sure the donations are spent and what the donator requested.