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NAME: Mousa Abdulnour





Is alcohol bad for you? Many people know that it is bad, but still some people won't stop drinking. Once they start, they can't stop, it's too addictive. Now there are too many people on the Earth who drink and die. If this increases every day, one day everybody on the Earth would be drunk! To stop this from increasing, you must stop drinking first. Alcohol is bad for the following reasons below.

Probably everyone knows that alcohol can lead to cancer, then death. In the first place, alcohol leads to this. Most of the cancers cannot be…….., but if the patient is lucky, he or she can be,,,,,,,,,,,. But there is only a low chance to survive. This also means that it is bad for your health. Moreover, if this increases, the world will be full of diseased people.

Secondly, alcohol makes people easily distracted and annoyed, this could lead to serious psychological problems. In support of this, when people become easily annoyed, they tend to annoy other people, even people they don't know, when drunken people annoy other people, they both get annoyed and they start a fight. They might go to jail for this, too. Consequently, what might happen if a person changes his or her personality and attitude by drinking alcohol? This is a very interesting question. A person would always drink and fight with other people, then get injured and back to normal. But one day the person might get into a really big fight, and injured his or her brain that the part of the brain that controls the personality gets damaged and as a result the person's personality became worse. This could happen, and most probably a lot of people in...