Alcohol Advertising: A System Targeting You

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Targeting is directing promotions of a product towards a group of individuals who are likely to buy it. Different products are targeted at different audiences. After a company determines its target audience, that audience is researched in order to learn about lifestyle, attitudes, values, and so on. Companies then can effectively reach their audiences by knowing what magazines they read. Alcohol advertisements in "Maxim", a magazine for men, frequently target, reach, and entertain the male audience by incorporating qualities such as having attractive women, having a good time, being manly, and having true friends, that males desire which in turn send profitable support to the alcohol industry

Budweiser, the "king of beers," posts an advertisement saying, "Don't you just love a girl you can share a Bud with," then it goes on to say, "Live like a king." The advertisement features two young and attractive women drinking Budweiser, while speaking with an older man.

The background of the page is solid red and the statements in white jumps out at you. Budweiser is trying to say that if you drink Budweiser, your lady friend should drink it too. The advertisement also claims that if your lady friend drinks Budweiser with you, you are a king and she will treat you like one.

Michelob Light sponsors an advertisement where a man is all the way across a crowded room, with no space to move around, attempting to make it to the bar where he can be rewarded with a smooth tasting Michelob Light. The advertisement claims that despite the time it takes to work your way to the bar, the satisfaction of the beer will be worth the wait. In other words, Michelob Light is the most important thing that should be on anyone's mind when they're stuck in a...