All Paws Mobile Grooming: Leadership Style The company in question "All Paws Mobile Grooming is a made up business model.

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All Paws Mobile Grooming: Leadership Style

Encouraging employees to work as a team to accomplish goals within an organization is not as easy as it may sound. Becoming an effective, successful leader requires hard work and dedication. Open communication, inspiration, and motivation of employees are only a few aspects of leadership that managers should be able to bring to the organization. Learning to resolve conflict and supervise change between business units and personnel is also extremely important. Leaders should be eager to provide new and exciting ideas, a direction to follow, and the ability to persuade employees to work together to emerge victorious! All Paws Mobile Grooming (APMG) believes encouraging employee involvement is crucial to the organization. Inspiring team members to participate in the execution of day-to-day operations, while encouraging input on problems that may arise promotes optimism and a stronger individual commitment to the success of the organization.

Four of the most popular leadership styles that companies use as a model today include the employee-oriented style, the participative style, the job-centered style, and the autocratic style (Dessler, pg. 168). APMG founders agree that the participative leadership style is the most effective for the organization. Focusing on teams and working together to solve problems is one way APMG can encourage employees through participative leadership. Decisions and solutions made as a team motivates personnel, which tends to create a positive work environment. The bottom line is that satisfied employees foster positive productivity, which in turn increases company profit.

Influencing employees through positive reinforcement is another way that APMG concentrates on participative leadership. APMG supports personnel through compliments, which show how much the employee is valued. The company also increases confidence in staff members by providing incentives for achievement. APMG prides itself in developing new and creative ways...