"All quiet on the western front" about World War I.

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"All quiet on the western front" is a very special movie, it emphasizes the brutality of the war and how people are changed by it. The main character is Paul, who is the leader of a group of 19-year-old former university students. As we watch the film we can clearly see how his attitude towards the war and beliefs about the war change from him being proud and enthusiastic to go to the front to him questioning the whole idea of war and just wanting to survive. Since he no longer lives with his family and is the only on to care for himself, Paul develops a great sense of responsibility. Another topic throughout the movie is the terrible brutality of war and terrible conditions that soldiers have to cope with which are not told to the boys when they enrol. They had to live under all time danger of being killed, but when they enlisted no one told them about what they will have to face.

These are just some of the changes that were shown in the movie and which I will talk about.

One of the main themes in the movie was the unexpected brutality of the war which the young boys had to deal with. At the time when boys were encouraged to go to war by their teacher and the images of soldiers marching through the town they had no idea about how is it to be a soldier and to fight every day. When they reach the front line they soon realize how terrible it is. They had to live their life under the constant danger of being killed, whether by bullet or by an exploded shell. World War I was one of the firs wars to use weapons with overwhelming killing...