The film "All Quiet On The Western Front"

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The film All Quiet On The Western Front, made from a book which became a world best seller by Erich Maria Remarque show the negative view towards war. All Quiet on the Western Front was originally written by Erich Maria Remarque. It was first published in 1929. It is a classic anti - war book which became so well know that it was turned into a film. It was written to show the changes in attitude and feeling by soldiers towards the war as it rolled along.

The story tells of a young bunch of men sent into the front line after only a few weeks of training, making them much unprepared for what they were about to experience. Their families and their headmaster expected them to be heroes as soon as they walked out with their army uniforms so there was a great deal of pressure on their young shoulders.

Their teacher plays a crucial role in their decision to join the army. He brainwashes them lesson after lesson into thinking what Wilfred Owen would describe as the "old lie", believing that it was sweet and proper to die for the Fatherland". He issues them with a sort of blackmail/ ultimatum to which they cannot falter. He tells them that if they join up, he would be proud of them for the rest of his life. The few who failed him, were forced to join up by the constant abuse and taunts the received from classmates and from Mr. Kantorek himself, no one had a choice, the only choice was yes.

The film also demonstrates the bad conditions the soldiers had to face. German soldiers faced the problems such as the lack of provisions including food, ammunition and even shoes in the case of Franz Kemmerich who was...