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My Position On Students Wearing ID's

How do you think it would feel if you had to wear an ID necklace to school every day? Based on what I have heard, the students at East Detroit High School don't appreciate it and neither do I. They are easy to lose, especially when you are at home and take it off. Now you might think that the school would be understanding of this because it is new to the system right? Think again! If you forget or lose your ID for 2 or more days, you can get detention and worse! I know that I am one student that says NO to ID's. I hope that after you read this paper, you will agree with me. It is the only sensible choice.

As I was saying before, if a student forgets his or her ID and cannot get it before school starts, they can get a "point" towards the school punishment system.

If a student has already gotten a pretty severe punishment before and has about 5 points, that one point from not having your ID means that you are suspended for 3 full days. How is that going to help a student with their education? In my opinion, this punishment would only serve to make students worse in school.

If you get either a detention or a more serious punishment, how are you going to do your homework? Students do not willingly leave their ID's at home. Sometimes it just happens by accident. Everybody makes mistakes, so why are we getting punishment for something that was an accident? That's just not fair.

One of the things that confuses me is that students who are good and never get in trouble or do anything that is harming people or property can get in trouble for forgetting something. I get good grades, but that doesn't mean that I am not forgetful. Even I have forgotten my ID. Not once, to this day, have I ever left my ID at home on purpose. We all forget something at one time or another, should we be punished for something that wasn't done on purpose?

Now some people, particularly people that are not students, like having the ID system. They think that there is more good than bad things about having students wear ID's. One argument is that school staff can know who a student is just by looking at their ID. The problem with that argument is the letters for the names of students are really small, and the ID cards are flipped to the "blank" side where there is no information listed.

People assume that having everybody wear an ID can keep out people that do not go to the school, thus making the school safer. If this is true then why can I get in the school every day in the morning when my ID is still in my backpack? I leave my ID in my backpack until I get in the school because it gets in the way when I ride my bike. Usually nobody even notices. What help will that do?

Another popular argument is that ID's are convenient. You can get discounts at school events, purchase lunch, and other things. I agree that the listed conveniences are somewhat helpful. So why can't we keep the ID's in our pocket or something? We are supposed to have our ID present at all times. If I could put my ID in my wallet (like middle school) I would almost never lose it. I just hate the idea of having to wear my ID.

So I conclude that I don't think students should have to wear their ID's. I also think that students should not get punished if they forget to bring their ID with them to school. Everything about the ID's currently just gets on my nerves. I wish they had never made the policy for school ID's.