"I Am the Cheese" by Robert Cormier.

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In the book I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier I feel that the most important character is Adam. He is the books main character and brings the surprise ending together. Adam makes decisions throughout the book that make the book interesting and give the book a mysterious feeling. When Adam is going to Vermont he encounters other characters that all make sense to him at the end and bring the reader to a conclusion about the book.

Adam is so important because he plays the lead role in the book. He brings the books end and theme together. He figures everything out by the end but throughout the book it's a whole process. His physiatrist finds out new things about Adam every session. At first Adam has no clue who he is and what he's doing. Sometimes Adam discovers something about his past in a session. While the book doesn't concentrate on his sessions it tells a story of Adams journey to Vermont.

He is heading to Carver to visit his father. He encounters many people and a dog that he is terrified of. His journey is long and he sings a song to pass the time. He travels by bike and when it rains he walks a little. Although Adam is the most important character the other characters mean a lot in the end. The characters he sees on his adventure all come in to play with the last session and journey scene. Adams life has been a lie and Adam isn't even his real name. The parents have also been living a lie. Mr. Grey is the man that the family most trusts and suggests that they go on a vacation. When they arrive at their little hotel Adam remembers it very well. On his journey he...