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- In 1994 Jeffrey Bezos saw the internet usage was growing at 2300% per year.

- Bezos left his job and drew up a list of 20 products that could be sold on the net and narrowed the list down to either music or books, but decided on books

- He moved to Seattle because it was close to Roseburg Oregon which is were one of the biggest book warehouses is located.

- Bought a 400 sq.ft. office in Bellevue and launched in July 1995

- Six weeks later Amazon moved to a 2000 sq.ft. warehouse and six months later moved to a 17,000 sq.ft warehouse.

- Bezos attracted 8 million from venture capitalists Kleiner,Perkins,Caufield and Byers

- At the end of 1996's revenue was 15.6 million and they were one of the most successful web retailers.

- In May 17,1997 Bezos went public with Amazon

- In Oct'97 Bezos opened a 2nd 20,000 sqft.

Center in Delaware.

- Revenues increased to 147 million in 1997, 1998 the revenue is expected to hit 550million

- 22% of the sales of the company are outside the US

- In June 1998 Amazon expanded its product line to include music and offers 10 times the selection of the typical music store

- The company is customer focused versus competition focused

- In April 1998 Amazon acquired three companies Bookpages, Telebook, and Internet Movie Database to aid in their expansion of the European e-commerce

- In July 1998 Amazon signed agreements to acquire Junglee Corp and Planetall. since the case article was written:

- is moving from what started as the Earth's biggest bookstore is r rapidly becoming the biggest anything store that offers millions of books,CD's,DVD's and videos to account for 70%...