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What is the American Dream? This answer would probably be different if you asked a lawyer compared to a gas station attendant. The American Dream differs from person to person, but its principles remain the same. Throughout history, Americans' dreams have changed. In the 19th Century, people may have dreamed of owning land on the frontier or perhaps to have sufficient amount of food to survive. Today, people focus their effort and on more material things.

Regardless of what it is, the American Dream will always be alive in the hearts of Americans.

Achieving the American Dream consists of conquering personal struggles and overcoming life's obstacles. Most people would agree that financial difficulties is the number one problem that stands in the way of achieving their goals. We believe that if we have money, we can do whatever we want. The only way to defeat these obstacles is to work hard and never lose sight of your dreams.

John Locke once wrote, "Man acquires property through the products of his labors." The American Dream is more alive now than ever. People will always strive to reach their full potential and to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

People want the American Dream for rewards such as safe streets, good schools, friendly neighbors, and rewarding work. We all feel a need to live in the safety of the suburbs. This dream usually consists of a front yard and a white picket fence. Mike Reichold once said, "if only one could move to the suburbs; things would be so much safer there" (2). People do have a desire to live in safety and feel it is their personal right to do so. The American Dream also consists of Williams- 1 making enough money to do what you want. A common facet of the...