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It Would Be Strange If"¦ It would be strange if kids ruled the world.

If kids ruled the world it would be cool because kids can do anything that adults used to do and adults can do what kids can do.

If kids ruled the world they run for President of the U.S.A. If a kid were would be able to President he would not care about taxes and he would care about having fun all day. If kids were teachers they would get back at the mean adults and give them tons of homework which would be due the next day. If a kid were a construction worker all he would build would be theme parks. If a kid worked at a candy shop all he would do is eat the candy. If a kid were a principle he would get nice people out of trouble at school. If a kid were a video game maker he would make most of the games for themselves.

If a kid made TVs he would make the biggest and best T.V for his friends. If a kid worked at a bike shop he would get a trick bike and put big gold pegs on it and give nice people 70% off the normal price. If a kid was a cartoon maker he would make very funny cartoons. If a kid made cars he would make really cool cars. That is what I think would be strange. I think it is good for kids because they can do what they always wanted to do. I think it would be bad for the the adults because they are being ruled by kids.