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Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler, a military dictator, was a very brutal man during World War II, and caused many deaths to people. Mr. Hitler was a terrible man to many in the eyes of many people today. Historians guess that Adolf killed about eleven million people.

Adolf Hitler was born on April, 20, 1889, in Braunau, Austria. Adolf Hitler's dad was born in the third marriage of his father and was the fourth child in that marraige.

Alios (Adolf Hitler's dad) was edgy, and ill-tempered.

He was a customs official, he was fifty-one when Adolf was born and died in 1903.

Klara Polzl a farmer's daughter and was twenty-eight when she had Adolf Hitler, and she died three years after her husband. Adolf Hitler living conditions was pretty harsh because only four out of the eight only made it to their adult hood. Adolf Hitler"˜s best friend during his boyhood was August Kubizek.

Adolf's grades during elementary school were pretty good but in high school he got bad marks which made his dad pretty mad.

The brother of Hiedle arranged for Alios Hitler to be a legitimate Son of Johann Georg and Maria Hielde, and the priest missed spelled Hiedle to Hitler. The first six years of Adolf Hitler's life he spent it in a small town across the Inn River from Germany. In his child hood he spent his life in Linz, Austria.

In 1913 he moved to Munich, Germany. Mr. Hitler wanted to be an artist but his dad wanted him to be a civil servant. In 1907 Adolf Hitler failed to get into the Academy of Fine Arts. In his late teens he started to watch politics. He always loved great leadership. Hitler loved many girls but never married a single one! He also had many dogs,