Amphetamines Long And Short Term Effects

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AMPHETAMINES Short Term Effects The user desires the short-term effects that amphetamines give.

They include"¦ · Extra energy for 4-6 hours This drug gives you a high of adrenaline and raises your blood pressure, breathing rate, talkativeness and aggression as a result of the energy boost.

· Prevents sleep Since you are so pumped with energy you do not feel the need to sleep. Yet it only delays your need for sleep, people have been known to fall into deep sleeps from 24-48 hours after stopping heavy usage of the drug.

· Reduces appetite When on the drug you do not have an appetite, a reason as to why some use it as a "diet pill"�. But just like the drug delays your need for sleep, it only delays your need for food. After you are off the drug you feel sever hunger.

· Cheerfulness and confidence While the user is on the drug they feel very cheerful and confident, another reason why some people take the drug.

Because they like these feelings so much it can result in psychological dependence: occurs when a person feels they cannot cope with normal life without having a certain substance.

· Hallucinations, paranoia, delirium, & panic.

All of these symptoms can occur if user takes the drug repeatedly over several days. These are some more serious side effects.

· Less resistance to disease Heavy usage can also result in body's resistance to disease.

Some other short-term effects and reasons"¦ · Tingling sensation when touched · Improvement of athletic performance · Counter the effect of depressant drugs · Dilated pupils Actions become"¦ · Compulsive · Repetitive · Less organized · Suspicious · Self-conscience Long-Term Effects The user often does not know about the long-term effects that amphetamines have on you. These long-term effects often...