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Interviewer: Okay what I'm doing is, I'm for, I'm writing a basic creative writing which is 8 thousand words so it's quiet a substantial amount .

Interviewee: What is 8 thousand words, How many pages is it?

Interviewer: It's about 12 - 13 typed. So I'm focusing on, the HSC , focusing in-on Warsol and Luds as two Ghettos and I'm looking it sort of different races and different mentality that led to War so revolting and Luds not revolting and so I'm looking for sort of the different variable like Size of the Ghetto and the location and the communication with the outside world which led to different levels of optimism and hope for the future which would have led to precluded organized violence in the Ghetto's.

Interviewee: I think that might be helpful from what I hear. Because I'm the only person I guess that In hiding because I wasn't in a camp.

I will tell you the story that we were in a hiding and some actually originally there was 4 people only, I don't want to repeat the story twice but eventually there were 9 people complete strangers. We found them on the streets Jews also who was looking for hiding and we offered a bunker. underground bunker where we could hide and we could opt it for 5 thousand people but they to 6 months under water, on the water nearly. Being hungry, Being dirty not changing day and night the same clothes.

Interviewer: How old were you Lyna?

Interviewee: At that time I was 25 but war started when I was 20.

Interviewer: That's exact time

Interviewee: Yeah! So they threatened that they want to leave, We don't want to leave like that we don't want to go out and...