An analysis of Mona Charen's: "Shoot Looters"

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Hurricane Katrina has affected all aspects of the country economically, politically, and socially. Charen disagrees with the current problem of looting, in New Orleans and feels that something should be done. In this article Charen states that in order to stop

The mass lootings the situation has to be dealt with immediately. The point of this argument stresses a matter of recommendation. Charen feels that if officers are able to shoot looters, the mass looting will eventually come to an end.

Charen tries to rationalize her argument by stating that, "If police officers are authorized to shoot looters, this intelligence will spread quickly among the criminal population (p 3)." She states that the "free-for-all will end (p3)." Charen believes that the attention on rescuing and aiding the victims should not be fully turned to stopping the looting in New Orleans, but should ultimately be addressed quickly. Charen poses an illogical solution to the problem of looting.

The solution of shooting looters may work but may also increase the violence within the city of New Orleans.

In this article there are many fallacies pertaining to Charen's solution. Charen says, "The evacuation of the steamy, filthy, unsafe superdome was temporarily halted after a report (which may or may not be true) that shots were fired at a military helicopter attempting to help out (p 2)." In this instance Charen uses hasty generalization. She has taken one violent example that may not be even true, and uses it as an example to show how the attention of authorities has been taken away from the victims of the hurricane to the looters. Charen seems to try and build evidence with hearsay rather than actual fact.

Charen talks about Mayor Ray Nagin ordering New Orleans police officers to stop rescue missions and begin to...