Analysis of "The Right to Bear Arms" by Jim Williams

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Article: 'Bible offers remedy for nation's reaping what it has sowed', Rev. Jim Williams. Orlando Sentinel Tribune, Section: Osceola Sentinel

Researching the issue of the right to bear arms was somewhat difficult at first because I really did not know what to focus on. I did find this article, though, and it really interested me because of the different perspective it took on the issue. The article starts off with a quote from the Bible, so the reader knows right away that it has something to do with religion. It was written by Reverend Jim Williams and he took the stance that legislation to restrict gun ownership and possession is a clear violation of the Second Amendment and Article 1 of the Florida Constitution. He does not believe that gun laws or more money put into crime prevention will decrease the crime rate because it does not erase the sin in people's hearts.

In fact, he thinks that religious textbooks should be brought back to schools and that religious education is the only way out. He also believes that laws and punishments should be enforced. First degree murderers should face capital punishment regardless, because then this will stop repeat offenses. Punishment could also include paying back the victim or the victim's family because since victims do not get a second chance, criminals should not either.

1. Reasoning:

A) Christianity has reference to principles which are right and wrong and is the foundation of morals and manners from which society was formed.

B) People waste too much time and money punishing crimes and little pains preventing them.

C) Guns used for trade-ins is not going to stop crime.

D) Legislation to restrict gun ownership and possession will not stop crime and is violation of the 2nd amendment.

E) Must...