Analysis of a Successful Business Communication Essay

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Importance of good basic communication in the businesses does that management more is guessed right in the decision making. The poor communications in the businesses bring the lack of direction of the associate of the company. None group can exist without the communication. Only by means of the transmission of meaning from a person to another one can spread the information and ideas. The communication nevertheless, is more than simply a meaning shared. Also it must be understood. In a group in where a single member speech German and the others do not know German, individual saying will not be understood. By as much, the communication must include so much the transference as understanding of the meaning.

Intention of the provided electronic mail is the one that all person whom it has that to travel outside Puerto Rico, it must ask for the same one to the general manager in writing using the document provided by the management.

This must to that the high management wishes to be informed in where it finds his personnel and where it is possible to be contacted to him in case of emergency.

Person who sends the electronic mail had a direct bonding with all people whom to them this situation concerns. The hearing of this message is all the personnel of the departments of sales and trade who needs to travel outside Puerto Rico to bring better businesses to the company. Its message was envoy of a direct form and signs indicating the processes to take without exceptions.

Writer assumes that the people understand the clear message and signs. Its style he is bureaucratic and content of seriousness and sense of urgency. Their tones are of firmness and no exceptions to the rule.

This writing is clear and concise. In...