Analyzing Holden Caufield and his characteristics from "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D.Salinger

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In this story, The catcher in the rye, Holden Caufield is seventeen years old teenager who goes to Pencey Prep School. He rebels against society to fight back with phoniness and adults. He couldn't deal with change, and he wants everything to be retained. Holden loves children, because they are pure and not infected by society's phoniness. He especially loves Phoebe, his 10 years old sister. He founds that he is totally separated from everyone.

Holden couldn't deal with change; I don't really know that he couldn't change or he doesn't want to change, but I know that he prefers everything to be retained. Holden can't deal with Allie's death. He still loves Allie, and he mentions Phoebe that Allie is the person that he could trust. Although Allie is dead, Holden still don't want to accept that he is dead. When Holden walk through the street, he saw Allie's hallucination is talking to him.

His imagination had made this hallucination so that everything would be retained. He keeps mentioning Allie because he never changes. Allie is dead, and he is young and pure forever. I think Holden have such suicidal attitude because of Allie's death; If he had killed himself, he would stay young forever (At least he wont grow up) and go live with Allie. Holden loves carrousel because "It keeps playing same songs"; he also loves museum because "It never changes". But, these two are different. He stopped to go to museum before going to Biltiomore with Sally Hayes, because their static nature reminds him how much he changes at every visit. Holden seems to fear change and maturity, giving great sentimental weight to childish pleasures while fearing for being adult.

Holden's love for children shows itself in his description of his young sister, Phoebe. She...