How And Why Did The Nazis Use Propaganda To Futher Their Aims 1929-33 Ans How Successful Was It????

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How and why did the Nazis use propaganda to further their aims 1929-33 and how successful was it??? Propaganda is a term used to describe untrue stories put about amongst the media and general public to boost something or someone's opinion about a certain thing while it could also in tail degrading something similar or in opposition to you.

The Nazis used propaganda to great extreme in the 1929 "“ 33 period to try and make them stand out amongst all the parties whilst at the same time degrading all other opposing parties. The Nazis were aiming to become bigger better and stronger and to do this they decided the best tactic was to use propaganda.

Their main aim was to recruit as many people as possible, ideally youngsters, into the nazi party. They thought the best way to intice youngsters into joining and following the nazi party was to them into the nazi party by having a major say in young kids education.

They would train the youngsters up to be the "˜perfect' nazi member so they would educate them mainly in PE and physical contact while the girls would be educated in child development in preparation to have the "˜Perfect' nazi baby.

The Nazis would do this and use the brainwashing tactics on younger children in the hope that they would grow up to be Nazi party members and make the nazis a stronger party and that the babies that the woman have are moulded into the perfect babies.

It was hoped that by doing this they (the Nazis) would then have a strong and solid foundation to build on in the future by recruiting young strong members as aposed to other rival parties whom would be recruiting older guys and not planning for the future. Predominately...