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Experimental Animal Testing: Cruelty or Necessity?

"Statistics published by government authorities and research-oversight bodies in North America and Europe reveal that the vast majority of the cruelest and most painful animal experiments are conducted to satisfy government-mandated testing requirements. In these tests, animals such as birds, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, rats, and even monkeys are forced to swallow or inhale massive doses of a test substance-which can cause severe abdominal pain, paralysis, swelling and ulceration of the skin and/or eyes, convulsions and seizures, and bleeding from the nose, mouth, and genitals-before they are poisoned to death or killed by the experimenter."(PETA)

Animal testing is used for many different purposes such as aiding scientist with the necessities needed in creating certain antibiotics, anti-rheumatics, pace makers, vaccines, and many more relievers. The process for experimenting on living animals or dissecting animals is called vivisection, which means, the act of operating on living animals (especially in scientific research).

Vivisection is a controversial subject; does it do more good than harm?

Vivisection first became widespread in Europe in the 19th century. It was first acknowledged by a man named William Harvey who was doing a study to try to understand the circulation of blood. The initial study started with dissection but quickly became an experiment on living animals not just the dead. Scientists believe that the only way to get accurate results in testing for medicines is with the use of animals.

In this essay, I have cited statements for and against the experimental testing of all types of animals. I will then conclude with a statement describing my position on this subject.

According to the US based, Foundation for Biomedical Research: "Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century - for both...