Animal Experimentation

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The Right Of Experimentation When looking at the history of animal research, it can be said that animal testing and research have helped us become healthier individuals and enabled us to live longer. Protesters of the animal research often make the claim that computer models and cell cultures can replace animal research. However, the truth shows the only true way to understand the effects of a chemical is by testing it on a living organ. When computer models and cell cultures can be used instead of a live animals they should be used.

Animal experimentation should be a last resort when there isn't an alternative to testing a drug or product. When done correctly, animal testing proves to be very beneficial. Nevertheless, when conducting my research, unfortunately I found many situations where the animal testing was being done improperly and the results were skewed and worthless. One situation was with a popular French makeup company that used the same needles and tubes over and over.

The makeup company was trying to prove the response of cremes and lotions on different skin types. The research was unsound because of their contaminated use of needles and tubes .These animals were tested with disregard. There needs to be more enforcement on the laws and regulations for the use of animals being researched.

Though many believe it is cruel to test on animals, many believe it is cruel to let a fellow human being suffer because of the lack of research allowed to be done. Animal experimentation has played a crucial role in virtually all medical advances and has made many cosmetology products safer. Albert Sabin created an oral vaccine for polio through 2.

the valuable research of animal experimentation. Sabin's wife, Heloisa, made a factual claim that animal research is needed. She says,