Animal Rights: A Critique to Andy Carloff's article :'Our Fellow Creatures'

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In his article 'Our Fellow Creatures', Andy Carloff fights for animals' rights. The issue of animal injustice is real and fighting for animal rights is a current interest. Carloff is right in stating that people should start treating animals humanely, but the arguments he employs in his discussion are controversial and scarce.

In his article Carloff aims to convince the reader that animals should be granted rights. He starts by stating how animals are being made to suffer for human interest. Then he states that since all humans- no matter what race, gender or creed- have equal rights, our fellow creatures also deserve rights. We should not only pity suffering humans but also suffering animals. Carloff also attacks those who claim that if animals should have rights, plants also ought to have them by pointing out that plants do not suffer. Furthermore, he gives a counter answer to those who believe that since animals do not "give each other rights" then why should we stating that the same applies to humans.

He finally gives solutions to the problem stated by encouraging the reader to refuse animal justice such as hunting and experimental torture and to become a vegetarian.

As Alan Carloff states, animals do deserve rights. The harsh treatment some animals are undergoing is intolerable and should be brought to an end. The problem Carloff discusses is an imminent and urgent one. Although animal injustice is gradually becoming rarer and rarer, some people are still exploiting animals. These people should be made aware of the injustice of their actions and they must put an end to their barbaric acts. I fully agree with Carloff that all people should start making it a point to treat animals humanely and considerately.

Although the issue discussed in Carloff's article is an important on,