Another Chapter Ends

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Another chapter ends"¦ I enter the room my mind is racing, People are dancing and embracing.

The girl's dresses shine and glisten, Satin, silk, and tulle you can hear it swish if you listen.

The aroma of roses fills the room, The tables are ornate as if it were a spring's bloom.

You never know what will happen next, Wait, is that Marissa and her boyfriend with the silver vest? Everyone has taken pictures and pictures galore, I couldn't imagine nor fathom taking anymore.

Being so close my brow almost begins to sweat as the spring sun shines, I hope my dress doesn't show my underwear lines! I look into his eyes and my heart starts to melt, He looks so perfect from his smile to his shoes to his belt.

He holds me so close when we begin to dance, Could this be the beginning of a new chapter of romance? I am eager to know what path this night will lead, But after such pondering, I don't wish the night to fly with such speed.

I feel like a butterfly so free to do as I please, And yet I feel every now and then I tremble at my knees.

It's not that I don't know him he is my very best-friend, But I don't know if tonight might to change lend.

If our relationship changes with all this glamour and excitation, What if tomorrow he denies the hyped sensation.

I always do this, I always fret, I never give myself a chance to enjoy things without worry or regret.

Tonight is a night that should be different and stand out form other nights, Romantic stares and starry eyes all wandering within the dim light.

I can't believe that this night is here, The last chapter in our childhood we hold so dear.

I am growing up, older and stronger, I am a naïve little teenage dreamer no longer.

For the rest of the night, I will not worry or fret, or stop to think, I am going to just close my eyes and open them with a blink.

When I do, I will start anew, Let people into my world without questioning them through and through.

Growing up from our childish rituals and games galore, Complete with a glamorous night to be remembered forever more.