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Galley, M (Nov. 14, 2001). Anthrax scare too close to home. Education Week on the Web, Retrieved November 19, 2001 from This journal review is about a high school in Florida that has been affected by the widespread Anthrax scare. The students and Faculty at Spanish River High School never thought of their school as a possible recipient of an Anthrax contaminated letter. Every thing changed when the headquarters of America Media Inc., just a few miles away from the high school, received a letter contaminated with Anthrax spores. The principal decided to take action and decided not to allow students who work in the office to sort the mail. He then hired a retired federal government lawyer who does odd jobs for the school's office, to take over the duty of sorting through the mail.

At a time like this, it should be in the best interest for all schools to implement this new idea.

No city, county, or state is safe from anthrax contaminated mail. Here in Reno, people were very shocked to find out that our small city was a victim of contaminated mail. If I was a principal of a school I would not allow for my students to handle the mail. I would also reassure the parents that the students will in no way come in contact with unexamined mail. This would show the students and their parents that I run a safe school and that a student safety comes first.