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April 15, 2013

Was Appeasement a Mistake?

Appeasement, the policy that lead to WWII while misleading countries into thinking that they are safe from war. Appeasement consists of giving into demands, without the risk of war. The policy of Appeasement did not prevent war, it only made things worse by letting dictators like Hitler gain more power, while allowing him to break promises and build his army. If France and/or Britain moved against Germany, they would have forced Germany to retreat and show the Germans that countries are able stand up against them.

Firstly, the policy of Appeasement was a mistake because the policy only allowed Hitler to gain more power. France and Britain (as well as other countries) signed non-aggression agreements with Hitler when he had absolutely no intentions of honoring these agreements with them. He had no intention of being non aggressive.

Hitler did whatever he wanted to do to others while people believe they are safe from him because he signed an agreement. Hitler broke many like by building his army, attacking Austria (1938), by breaking his pledge and by taking the rest of Czechoslovakia also by invading Poland in 1939, which caused France and Great Britain to declare war. If powerful leaders could not appease Hitler, is it really wise to think that you are able to appease him with a stroke of a pen? Hitler only signed these agreements to buy time, and keep people out of his way.

Pursuing this further, Hitler was not a man you could appease. Any sign of weakness only encouraged him. Only makes him stronger. Any accommodation they made for him, they exceeded until it led to war. In reality, leaders should have known exactly what to expect from Hitler. Soon to be...