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A company's most important aspect is its reputation. A reputation reflects the prominence of its brand in the minds of the public and the perceived quality of its goods and services. Trust, justice, and ethics are also important factors that make up a company. Trust is defined as the willingness to be vulnerable to a trustee based on positive expectations about the trustee's action and intention. Justice reflects the perceived the fairness of an authority's decision making. Ethics reflects the degree to which the behaviors of an authority are in accordance with generally accepted moral norms. All of these factors are very important, but personally I think trust is the most important one. Many users trust Apple products and will continue to purchase them.

As an Apple user, I feel that apple is a very trusted company. I 've been with Apple for many years and it hasn't failed me.

Apple has it's own hardware and software which makes it easier to pinpoint whenever you have a problem. Its software makes it very difficult to catch a virus. Although Apple can be a little pricy, its products do not let you down. According to the Fortune's list of "Most Admired Companies", Apple ranked number one. Last year, Apple also ranked number one. IPhone 5 and 4 were the best selling smartphones at the time, and even though Apple's stocks were decreasing it was still on top. This is because of the trust Apple users have on the product.

Microsoft tablets did a commercial where they tried to bash Apple's IPad and make their tablet seem better. Apple's strategy was not to make another commercial proving the IPad worked just as great, but knew that its users trusted the product enough to still chose it over the competitor. "The bottom line...