An Argument Against Pornography by Andrew Bucklin. Creative Writting / Persuasive.

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Andrew Bucklin

English 111

Argument Paper

Due 3/30/05

It seems as though you can't go anywhere without reading something about or pertaining to sex. It is true that our world does revolve around it to an extent. There is much to debate about this topic and there always will be. Over the years many activist have lined the streets around the country rallying against the distribution and production of pornography. Delegates have formed to write new legislation that will hopefully be passed to restrict and tighten the industry's broad influence in the United States. Though it may fall under free speech it still is a much debated topic on whether it should be restricted or not. According to, pornography can be defined as sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. Pornography is a vicious tool that constricts and oppresses people to live and think a certain way that causes destruction and ruins lives.

Many marriages have broken up because either the husband or wife found out that their significant other had a dirty little secret. Most women don't like it that their husband looks at porn because they know it will lead to other steps of adultery. Every wife needs to know that she is the only one her husband is in love with and vice versa. How can the man in the relationship tell his wife he loves her when he himself spends time here and there gazing at Luscious Lucy and Ashland Jyggles? A trust factor and communication is what holds marriages together. When someone knows they are doing something wrong they will try to cover it up by not being as open as they were before. Pornography puts men in a bad relationship with their wives because...