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  • Exhibit the Land Rover

    Wow. Lots of good information! Now, it would be really awesome if you had a works cited, but I think it's still an overall good paper. All of the facts and details give the paper credability.
    • 13/04/2005
    • 11:25:02
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  • Short, Sweet, and to the point...

    Although the persuasive essay is kinda short, it is quite easy to understand. I give it a :-| because it is good information, but still pretty short.
    • 13/04/2005
    • 11:22:46
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  • Very Vidid Essay!

    Good eassy. Very vivid. TONS of sources. But I did notice some clean-up that might be needed:\"·<Tab/>\" --this shows up in the 4th section, \"WHAT ARE SCHOOLS DOING TO IMPROVE SAFETY?\"
    • 13/04/2005
    • 11:19:57
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