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Argumentative Essay Australian Swimmers and Bodysuits: should they be worn in competition? An issue that has been debated lately is weather or not the Olympic athletes should be able to wear the full bodysuits. This debate started in May this year, just before the trials for the swimming team, who were to compete in the upcoming Sydney Olympic games.

The bodysuits are being produced by Speedo and Adidas. They are made out of mainly Lycra, blended with a number of other materials. Nothing that could help an athlete cheat. They are intended to reduce the drag in the water and support the swimmers muscles while in motion. There are no hidden flippers, motors or propellers. There are certain styles of the swimsuit. Full body, only legs, long legs and no arms, and all of them have been approved by the FINA (international amateur swimming association) and gradually by the CAS (court of arbitration for sport) Even after all these organizations have given the okay for the swimsuits to be used and declared that the swimmer isn't cheating by wearing one, people still complain that these swimsuits are unfair and shouldn't be used.

Australian swimming champion, Kieren Perkins said, "Swimming is not about those with the best scientists racing for each other." But still people are arguing that these bodysuits are giving an unfair advantage to those who wear them.

Wearing these bodysuits is no different to wearing the average swimsuit. It is not as if it has little propellers or flippers pushing them through the pool and ahead of all the other swimmers. These bodysuits don't come with a "Win your race or your money cheerfully refunded" notice attached to it.

The swimmers still need to use the same amount of power and effort to propel themselves down the...