Argumentative paper about women and how they are claimed to be a weaker sex than that of males

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From professional sports to children's toys, women are portrayed as the weaker sex. The media and pop culture has allowed this to happen. Women are shown as dumb, beautiful, and totally dependent. Although women are shown like this, most women in the real world are intelligent, nice, independent, and not as beautiful as a supermodel. Women have fought long and hard to get rid of the demeaning connotations that go along with being female; yet, being female in today's world means that you are not as strong or smart as anyone male.

Since 1848 when the Women's Rights Movement began, women have been fighting against stereotypes alive in pop culture. At this time, women were not allowed to vote, allowed to practice medicine or law, allowed to go to college, or allowed to participate in church affairs. From then, many things have improved, yet women are still suppressed by much of what they fought in the movement.

Women are now allowed to vote, hold almost any profession, go to any college they dream of, and are part of church affairs in non-Catholic denominations. Although all of these breakthroughs have happened, women are still oppressed by men.

The "glass-ceiling" is an excellent example of oppression of women in the work place. The glass-ceiling is known as the point where a woman can rise in the work place, when there are men who are able to rise above her. Many women are as capable if not more capable than some men for certain jobs. Yet these women are overlooked for their male counterparts. Women do not get paid as much as men and they do not get the career opportunities that men get. A woman holding the same position as a man can get paid up to 20% less than her male...