Arguments Against Genetic Engineering

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Scientists for years have been experimenting on almost everything possible. Studies have been done to answer the question "why". The watchful eyes of scientists have scrutinized everything from gravity to light. Although there are libraries full of what we know, relatively, we know nothing about life outside the planet earth. In fact, there is much that we don't know about life on earth. Today, the brightest minds in the world are working extremely hard to try and determine what makes us who we are; they are decoding our genetic make-up. Within the text of this paper I hope to show you what I think about genetic research and hopefully leave you with a little insight to make your own decision.

Someday we will be able to go to the corner grocery store and pick up a little something called a gene therapy medication. Rogaine may not be the choice of men in the future; instead, they will pick up the magic potion that will make their hair grow back just like it was when they were young.

Are there any people out there who wish they were a little thinner? If your genes cause you to gain weight, there will be a therapy available for men and women alike. Tired of dying your hair to hide the gray? Yep, there will be a solution to that too. Your genes determine everything from your hair color to your weight, and someday you will actually be able to change that.

Some think that hair color and weight are trivial things to even think about messing with. After all, it costs millions to find the single strand of DNA that causes these ailments. What about your height, eye color, facial features, and sexual preference? Wouldn't it be nice to change everything about yourself...