Artemis Sportswear Company

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The primary issues are downsizing, cost cutting to increase profit margins for Artemis Sportswear Company and the effects on workers and productivity. Various ideas are discussed and applied.

Artemis Sportswear Company

Within today's highly sophisticated society, organizations exist to compete with one another for profitability and status within the open market. In order to stay competitive, companies have to make adjustments within all aspects of the business hierarchy. Artemis Sportswear is one of the leading distributors of women and men's sportswear apparel with its main focus on domestic distribution within the United States. Within the past ten years the company has been forced to make some adjustments to maintain its status as the leading seller of men and women sportswear apparel. Artemis Sportswear needs to cut operational expenses in order to increase the profit margins and expand productivity within its distribution centers.

Founded in Orlando, Florida, Artemis Sportswear Company is one of the major players in designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing of men and women active outdoor apparel and footwear.

This company was formed by three entrepreneurs Joshua Wild, the President, and CEO, Tasha Graham, the designer of the women's clothing line, and Ada Dones, the designer of the men's clothing line. With this highly diverse Executive Team's focus on a new and modern look to sportswear apparel, the focus on a more relaxed and unique style will help keep the company in the top ranks within its selling class. Our vision is to be one step ahead of other organizations that may want to compete for our stature within the industry.

Artemis Sportswear Company is known for their variety of designs and appetizing looks that adhere to the fashion sense of today. Our lines of clothing include a variety of jackets, storm shells, classic hooded wear and...