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Chikezie Johnson

Source- Mcallister, Matthew P., and Joseph Turow. "New Media and the Commercial Sphere: Two Intersecting Trends, Five Categories of Concern." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 46.4 (2002): 505-14. Web.

Purpose of article- The purpose of this article is to discuss the two trends in new media and the top concerns raised by the authors; the rise of computer-driven form of communication and the expansion of synergistic marketing communication. It also discusses the emerging relation between digital media and synergistic marketing and how they manipulate the media into forcing their audiences to view their advertisements.

Why is the information important?- The information in this article directly relate to our everyday lives and how the media infringe on our personal information and privacy. It also shows us how much control they have over what we buy, how we buy, and even when we buy. This article gives us the ability to fight back by showing us ways to lessen their influence over our media.

Assumptions the author makes about the reader- The author assumes that the reader has a decent amount of experience on the internet and has come across one or more of these issues.

Intended audience- The intended audience are scholars interested in the spread of digital marketing and the effect of synergistic marketing communication.

Key points- The rise of synergistic marketing communication has caused an increase in the use of multiple media channels to sell more products, services, and ideas. Advertisers are deceiving people by masking their products within emails that when opened, will spam your computer.

The conclusions and recommendations of the author- Advertisers will always try and find a way to use your data to force feed you commercials and ads. There are ways to spot and prevent these schemes and use...