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The Arts, be it movies, paintings, sculpture or magazines are getting more recognition and appreciation. Asians, Negroid and Caucasians all have a certain type of art in which they recognize and appreciate or even participate in. Therefore, the arts are to a certain extent influenced by the notions of race and ethnicity.

The existence of the different races provides us with various forms of arts. Every race has its people with his or her own special and unique talents. Like for instance, the Negro are better known for their talent in dance and vocals, be it RnB, Rap or Hip Hop.

In Sister Act 2, where Whoopi Goldberg plays a Las Vegas show girl dressed as a nun, training students for an 'all state music competition', they mesmerized RnB, hip hop and even Holy Music. And if you have paid close attention to the show, you will also realize that most of the lead singing parts were given to the Negroid.

Furthermore, the winners of the All State Music Competition mostly consist of Negroid.

The Asians on the other hand, are better known for their martial arts and kungfu flicks. In the 2001 academy awards, Ang Lee's kungfu flick, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, bagged 4 awards out of their 9 nominations. In the recent MTV movie awards 2001, Zhang Ziyi won the best fight award for her role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, shattering the hopes of other nominees like Jet Lee(Romeo must die) and Drew Berry More(Charlie's Angel). Martial arts based movies like Rush Hour and Rush Hour2, starring Jackie Chan were also proven hits, just like the television series, Martial Law, starring Samual Hung.

Due to the various different races and ethnicity, the arts are more open to produce productions combining different races. Miss Saigon,