Assess the transformation of the german society and culture under nazism from 1933

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Assess the transformation of German society and culture under Nazism from 1933.

The German society underwent radical change under the Nazi regime from 1933 onwards. By 1934 Hitler had established himself as the leader of Germany and the Nazi party.

The implementation of Hitler's new policies can be assessed to have transformed Germany socially and culturally. The policy of Volksgemeinschaft is a component focused on a people's community based on the traditional values of the German people. Volksgemeinschaft implied a classless society, which would be the heart of the people's community. Hitler aimed to create a national solidarity behind the regime, as is stated in the slogan "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" one people, one country, one leader.

The membership of this new community was restricted and only open to 'pure' Germans. It adversely effected three important groups, women, industrial workers and young people.

Women were affected by the policy of Volksgemeinschaft, as the ideology believed their place was in the home.

The German slogan " Kinder, Kuche and Kirche" children, kitchen and church sums up the attitude of the Nazi community to women. Women in Germany between 1933 and 1936 were not allowed to hold any position of importance or professional jobs. Employers were asked to favour men in their appointments. The women's organisations that supported women such as the NSF National Socialist Womanhood followed the party line that women should stay home and have babies.

German society was having less children and as a result Hitler had a variety of policies to combat this such as offering motherhood awards for mothering certain amounts of children. As the war progressed and the Nazi party needed cheap and reliable labour so they relaxed their restrictions when the situation suited them.

The policy of Volksgemeinschaft planned to change...