"The Atomic Bomb"

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The Atomic Bomb 1

The atomic bomb was used mainly in W.W.II and in Japan. It was a useful

and very destructive war tool. It took years of scientific work for many men to create this war bomb.There were two presidents mainly involved in the processes of making and using the bomb,They were President Harry S. Truman and President Roosvelt.With the work of these two people and many other men the atom bomb was made possible to use.

Most of the making of the atomic bomb took place in the U.S.A. It was there where the bomb was carefully studied and accurately made by a TOP SECRET project called the 'Manhattan Project'. Thanks to the Manhattan project the atomic bomb was first tested in a New Mexico dessert called Jornada del muerto (city of the dead) on July 16, 1945 and worked perfectly. Soon this same bomb was used to bomb Hiroshima and in Japan on August 6th, 1945.

Later on the bomb was used to bomb Nagasaki in Japan on August 9th,1945.

Many people were involved in the making and the use of the atomic bomb. From scientists to the Presidents they all took a great part in the atomic bomb. one of these people were Scientist James Chadwick. He was a British scientist who studied the particles of the atomic bomb, and he studied the inner part of the it. One of the major particles that he discovered was the neutron. He also explained how the atomic bomb explodes and what causes it to do this. Another great scientist was Niels Bohr. He worked in the Manhattan Project and studied the bomb itself. The President that started the discussion of the atomic bomb and made the TOP SECRET project called the 'Manhattan Project' was President Roosevelt.