The atomic bombs in Japan during WWII

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What was the reason of using the atomic bombs?

Thousands of years have passed with man ruling -or at least thinking he does- the world. In all those years many things have been altered or brought into life, technology, arts, sports and many other things stay there just to remind us how human civilization changes through the years. But some things, exist from the first day human existed, love and hate, love and war these completely opposite things stay there just to remind us that human remains the same as the years are passing through. The means may have changed through the years, the means of expression, but the point is the same. We are here to destroy what we love, or to love what we destroy, or to love to destroy, or any other common factor these two feelings can have.

Humanity has seen many wars, but in her recent history, world war two, is the one who wrote the most tragic lines in the book of human history.

This war started at 1939 mostly from the Germans, and ended at 1945, currently from the United States. It was the war with the greater number of deaths, it was the war the spread tragedy as no other have ever done. As all wars it has started from some small details that were meaningful for only a small group of the world, later on though they become meaningful for each part of the world. But this war ended with the most "impressive" way, by using the most powerful, the most deadly weapon that has ever been created, atomic bomb.

United States, was at that time the only country that had these bombs, after all they were the manufacturers. Weapons have been created so they can be used, and...