The Australian Outback

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The OutbackWelcome on board of our Lufthansa flight 5467 from Buxtehude to Adelaide. Please fasten your seatbelts for an exiting trip.

The people of Australia call their country, as you know Down under. This continent is nearly 8 Mill. Squarekilometeres large and a little bit smaller than Europe. Endless deserts cover 80% of the whole country, but however only 4% of all 18 Mill. Inhabitants are living here, they call it outback.

Please look at the map and let us go by car from Adelaide (Ort auf der Karte zeigen) through the heart of Australia to Darwin. We follow the Stuart Highway (Strecke zeigen). On this 3000 km we get an impression of the real outback.

We leave Adelaide and after 600 km reach Pimba. In Pimba a very small town with 40 inhabitants we find one of these Outback-pubs, a bar full of earthy people. This place, which outback Australians call their hotel, is meeting point for everyone in the vicinity of 100 km and more.

While icecold beers are offered or gas is pumped into huge trucks most of the outback Australians are matter-of-fact because of 40° C and the parching sun.

The Pimba roadhouse was built 30 years ago along a dustroad, on which huge trucks with 3 or more trailers, so called roadtrains, fight their way north. Stuart Highway is the main road, on which these raodtrains (show picture) with a lenght up to 53 m, guarantee the supply of the Outback. Fuel, Food,and most important for Aussies: beer, is beeing transportet and from huge farms they bring cattle to the slaughter-house.

Roadtrains do not stop for kangaroos, cattle or tourists.

5. Lake Torrens BirteHere you see Lake Torrens. The water level varys a lot. When it′s very dry the water evaporte nearly complete. After rain...