Speech: The Australian National Identity

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... And he's coming around the corner! What a ripper!!! He's deadset to win this! It's Australia in the lead. And he's done it! What a beauty, and Australia's taken the gold! Howzat! Fair dinkum! Good onya mate!

Welcome to the Land Down-Under, the Land of Opportunity, and our homeland - Australia.

We often see Australians stand strong and unified but what exactly is our national identity? The colloquial, half-wild, uncivilised wildlife enthusiasts as portrayed in the Hollywood feature film Crocodile Dundee?

Really, when did you last go to the bush and live off the land? When did you last wrestle a crocodile, or see a kangaroo wild in a major city? What is our national identity? Our values and culture, our icons, our distinctively Australian geography?

Good morning .............

A national identity is the attitudes, values and beliefs of a country and how individuals are able to relate to them.

We can boast a diversity of cultures, influenced by: Aboriginal, Mediterranean, Asian, European and Pacific Island cultures, to name a few. Australia values its multicultural society. All of these contribute to our national identity and the creation of our unique Australian colloquial language. Phrases such as "No worries mate, she'll be apples" and "Fair Dinkum". Australians have a unique brand of humour too. Where else in the world would people find pleasure in calling a bald man Curly, a quiet person Rowdy, or a redhead Blue.

Along with our Aussie sense of humour are our many Australian icons. Take football: where else in the world can you enjoy a meat pie and watch Aussie Rules? Australians are full of fun and games and colloquial jollies but there is more to our identity. Inventions such as: The Hills Hoist clothesline, the Ute, the Blackbox, refrigeration, and of course...